Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meeting with Blaine Yorgason

Today we had an early morning meeting and heard from Blaine Yorgeson the author of the book, All That Was Promised, the history of the building of the St.George Temple. This was a great meeting and we learned a lot even though I have read it. Joey and Jamie are buying another house down here and they are selling their townhouse. This new house is a beauty. It is only 1600 square feet buy it is a single house with a swimming pool. It is a beauty. Today at Brighams house I had another one of those experiences that you could feel the spirit of the holy ghost work through you as i bore witness on the Book of Mormon to this gentleman from Puerto Rico, I was able to give a Book of Mormon in spanish to him. Tomorrow we will have a P day and we are getting a new toilet, the one we have is too short. Also we will get a new faucet in our kitchen. We need new cabinets and sinks and granite in our kitchen. It was a hot day 108 degrees. The Davis' are going home tomorrow, they are great missionaries.

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