Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To Kobe pronounced Ko bay.

Darolyne and I went to Orem this last weekend and visited our home our amily and witnessed a true champion here on earth in one Daryk Childs. He truly is an amazing human being. He enters the MTC next week. It was good to be home funny though we really wanted to be back at work. I guess it is because we have not been released. Today I had an opportunity to give a blessing to a little preemie in the infant intensive care unit here in St. George. Since I have been here I have given or been in about ten blessings to people coming in the Center and asking for blessings. Today I gave a Book of Mormon to a woman from Texas but she is really from Guatamala. She is a child of the Book of Mormon. She said she felt something different here at the Temple Visitor Center. Today was a milestone in the Church as the new Temple film was first shown. Darolyne and I went and viewed a prospective home to buy Just looking but we would like something a little bigger, we shall see where this takes us.

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