Sunday, July 21, 2013

Something Different

Today at the Visitor Center I had one of those experiences that only come by opening your mouth when moved upon by the spirit. Two older men about my age came into the Annex with Sister Randolph. They were waiting for their wives to do baptisms for the dead in the Temple. They were from Kanab. One of the mens wife was just converted to the Church and was baptized. The reason the men were not in the Temple was because the one man was totally inactive by his description. We had a good conversation when I asked something I would not usually ask and that was would he like to have a copy of the Book of Mormon. We usually do not offer this to members because they usually have a book in their home. He said yes I would like a copy and asked me to sign it . I did and was able to write my testimony of the book and asked him to read in Mosiah about the  conversion of Alma the Younger. He then asked Sister Randolph to sign it. This was a great experience. I feel that man will get active some day soon. This weekend we got a new toilet installed and also a new faucet. Not too exciting but just a note to remember when we did it.

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