Monday, July 8, 2013


The temperatures here have been off the charts. The last two weeks it has been as hot as 115 degrees and always around 108 degrees. We just go to the sites and come home and eat and go to bed. This last Fourth of July week we had programs at the Tabernacle alot of different entertainment, the one i will always remember is Rydin High a western duo singing an original ditty called Dead Hors
e Trampoline. We went out to eat at the Black Bear with the missionaries on the 4th  and then went over by the temple and watched the fireworks. Sam Jarman and Lydia stayed with us a night on their way to California. The last couple of days Darolyne and I have given out 4 or 5 Book of Mormons. One of those went to a couple of ladies from Las Vegas who were Hispanics, they came into the Visitors Center and told me they were looking for a religion, they were Catholics but just do not feel good about it, I was able to teach them about our religion then give them a Book of Mormon in Spanish. They went over to the main Visitor Center and I know they were taught  more. Experiences like that are very spiritual to me. A couple of days ago Susan Easton Black and George came in the Visitor Center, Darolyne talked to them.They were recently married and have a little home down here and wanted to serve a mission down here. However they just got their mission call and they are going to Nauvoo for a year. So they were here to see Elder Watkins to see if they might be able to come here at some other point in time.  Enclose is a picture of the S.George Temple that Daryk took; he took many hours to capture enough photos to photo shop this picture, spectacular

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