Monday, July 22, 2013

Jacob Young two days of work.

Yesterday at Jacobs house Lou and Lorelie Andrus came to visit on their way to California. It was great visiting with them. They have been neighbors forever and we love them dearly. pictures included. Today at Brigham Youngs house we had some very good experiences. The first visitors were 6 people from California but they really were just here from Taiwan. Only two of them spoke English. They said they really did not have a religion. I took them on a little longer tour time wise to teach them about our religion. I was able to leave with them 2 Book of Mormons written in Chinese. Then I had a bus come from Arizona with 18 Methodists. They had so many questions in which I was grateful because I was able to answer them, such as do you believe in the Bible, do you believe in Jesus, Who was  Joseph Smith, do you pay Tithing what are temples used for, and many other questions, after the tour I was able to give one Book of Mormon to a man in the group. Darolyne was able to give a Book of Mormon  to a young Baptist boy. Also I was visited by a man I hired years ago as the Band Teacher at Orem High, his name is Paul Lemon. He is not a member. When I was his boss I could not teach him the gospel,  but guess what?

 today I taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the truth.

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