Monday, July 8, 2013

Team Teaching

Yesterday I had another one of those experiences that I could easily say was miraculous, meaning something happened that was very unusual and would seem to be a coincidence if you wasn't there and didn't feel the spirit directing this event. A man a woman from Payson came[pictured] in to Brigham Youngs' yard and asked for a tour. I took them into the little white house when another  older couple and a boy wanted a tour. I invited them to join us. They were from California, grandparents and their grandson. They were not members of the Church. When we were settled I asked the non members if they know anything about our Church. They said, no. Then I did something I never do. I asked the man from Payson to tell them about our Church. He started out with the whole Joseph Smith story and about the apostasy and the first vision and the restoration of the gospel of J
esus Christ, then all about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and about modern day prophets etc. He went for 15 minutes the other folk were very interested in what was being said. While he was telling the story I looked at his wife she had tears streaming from her eyes. She caught my attention and said quietly to me that her husband just got active in the Church and she couldn't believe what was going on.As we completed our tour the 3 from California wanted 2 Book of Mormons and seemed like they would read it. The Miracle was two fold. nonmembers heard the gospel being taught by the power of the Holy Ghost and this good brother from Payson who  just got active talked like he had been converted active all his life. Come to find out he had been a smoker for 42 years and had not been to Church. His wife was a Relief Society president. A couple of months ago he had a heart attack and was able to quit smoking.  Anyway a great day. I never have let another person in the group teach the gospel,this truly was inspired of the Lord.

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