Sunday, December 15, 2013

Darolynes' Weekly Letter to Daryk

"I am sure as Christmas gets closer your thoughts turn to home but you have the best Christmas gift we have as  a family...not counting the Savior, of course. I had a great experience, or at least part of an experience,at the Visitor Center last night.A couple came in from California wanting to know how to go to Zions and how they cold get in our church...the temple.. They were an older couple about our age and the husband had a hearing problem. I showed them how to get to Zions and gave them a map. They thanked me and started to leave and then came back and asked where they could find a hotel closer to Zions. I gave them directions and wished them a Merry Christmas and they headed out again. Then they came back in a few minutes and asked me a few more questions and so I showed them a brochure about temples all over the world and started talking t them about the church. The wife who is originally from Spain asked me what we believe happens to us when we die. I started talking to her about the plan of salvation and offered to take her and her  husband through our Gods Plan for  Happiness. Just at that point a sister from Guayana came over and said John was waiting for me to have his dinner with him. She said she would love to tell the people about the temple and take them through the presentation about eternal families. At the end of the presentation the wife was crying and asked if she cold have a Book of Mormon. She explained toSister Phagwah that her daughter who was 48 died 3 years ago and she was so devastated thinking she would never see her again. Sister Phagwah had a little sister who had died and so she explained how the gospel had given her and her family peace knowing they would be with her again. The couple gave Sister  Phagwah their contact  information so she could continue too check with them to see how they are doing. A great Tender Mercy occurred when a couple were just asking for directions to Zions.

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