Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

This was an interesting Christmas to say the least. We served at the Visitor Center Christmas Eve got up in the Christmas morning and went over to a ward house to set up for a Luncheon that we put on for the Sister Missionaries. We talked to som of our Children even used FaceTime for a while to see some of them until the program failed. Then Christmas Evening we got a phone call from 4 Sister Missionaries that were serving in Kanab but in town wondering if they could come over and see us. When they go here all of them had talked or shyped their parents and were sad and  happy. Sister Waiane from Micronesia wanted to use our Shype on our computer. She got on but couldn't get here parents to get on line, they said they would. Sister Waiane kept saying oh they are probably at the beach they will come.  They never did. She was up beat and kept saying oh they are probably having fun.This absolutely broke my heart to think you get to talk to your parents twice a year and she missed out. I love Sister Waiane.

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