Sunday, December 8, 2013

Global Warming?

Here we are in DIXIE where the lowest high average temperature in December is 52 degrees. Well it is now the coldest it has been for 25 years. It only got up to 23 degrees today with 7 inches of snow. We got up this Sunday morning ready to go to church and then out to Jacobs' house, only to find out that all church services have been canceled  and then I got a call from Elder Cannon telling me that we need not go to Jacobs' because of the storm. Here in St.George they do  not have snow removal services you can not buy a snow shovel either in town. My neighbor  had sort of a shovel so I was able to shovel a little bit. Quite the deal. Also shown is a display cabinet that I picked up at a garage sale in Winchester Hills for 20 dollars I fixed it up and you see that it looks pretty good. I sent the picture of it to KC and he took the picture to an antique dealer in Salt Lake, he said it was from the 20's and could sell for about 600 dollars.

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