Monday, December 2, 2013

Today we were at the Visitor Center and it was a Monday morning and it was slow. I only had 7 people in the Annex for all 6 hours. The last two though gave two referrals for college students here in St. George. The great thing today happened out at the Manger scene. Outside in front of the Temple is a Manger scene and there is a sound program that is narrated with christmas music about the Savior. It runs for about 10 minutes concluded by President Monsens' testimony of the Savior.  then there is a 5 minute pause and then it all starts up again. I noticed outside the window this old Polynesian man humbly staying motionless for the whole presentation. Then in a while I saw him again watc
hing and listening the wole time motionless. Then he walked off. This really touched me. Here we are in the Christmas season and this man demonstrated what this season is all about. This is in rememberence of the birth of our Savior our Redeemer,"counselor, the mighty god, the prince of peace..." This brought tears to me it brought the spirit on a slow day. Today we took our Christmas picture below our beloved Savior.

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