Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weeks Memo

This week was daylight savings time switch so that has been hard since we had to get up early for my meeting Monday morning and then training meeting on Tuesday which was our p day. Last Friday Jim Spencer came down and gave a great talk at our Friday Fireside at the Tabernacle. John. his son came down to see him. The foreign traffic has not begun yet but coming soon. The temps have been above average. We put another offer on a house her today. It is kind of crazy to buy another house but we want to live down here at least half time and make this our first house then buy another smaller house up north. We'll see what happens. Missionary work goes on every day meeting and greeting and teaching every day. By the way Darolyne is so much better
than me on the details. She knows her dates and history better than I. I like to tell the stories. This is a picture of John and Jim Spencer at the famous podium at the Tabernacle.This is where Lorenzo Snow gave his famous Windows of Heaven speech. Also most of our Prophets have spoken. A lot of people say that I look a lot like John Spencer, what do you think?

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