Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Spirit and The Angels Truly Exist

I had an experience today at Jacob Hamlins home. It wasn't earth shaking it wasn't a spiritual wow, what it was was the spirit working quietly while the missionary,me, was just teaching the best I could. A group of 6 people came in the home. I taught them the greatness of Jacob for I truly believe this man was a very unusual person who filled a great void in the 1800's. He was quietly a gift from our Father to help the American Indians or Lamanites. As this particular tour ended I said are all of you members of our Church, because I assumed they were. Wo, one lady from Nebraska who just moved to St.George to teach at Dixie State University, said, "i'm not". I asked her if she would like some of our materials, she said she would because she would like to know more about our church. I gave her a Book of Mormon, the Testimony of Joseph Smith a pamphlet on Temples and other materials. Her friend that was with her seemed to be bewildered that she wanted to learn. See, her friend was a member but had not taught her much about our Church. The Spirit moved on that lady and those on the other side hastened the work. I was only the mouth for those who could not speak to her. Being a missionary is a tremendous work when you are trying to be in tune with the spirit.

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