Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Week in March

Very busy week. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Good week, gave a Book of Mormon to a man from LA, Darolyne gave out two yesterday to a couple from Minnesota and Las Vegas. When I say that I we  guve out a Book, it means we introduce them to our Church. Why are we called Mormons? and then tell them about our Church and about the Book of Mormon. Then we offer a free Book to them in their language and some say no and some want one and some are really interested and want to know more. The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on the face of the earth and if people read it for themselves and pray about it the Holy Ghost will manifest itself to them of the truthfulness of that book and the Restored Gospel. Yesterday we Went to the Temple with the McCoys to witness Heidi being married and sealed. Then went to an Organ recital by a lady from Calgary, Alberta, then gave tours at the Tabernacle, then went out to dinner with the Governor and his wife and the Andrus' who all were in town. Friday night we did the Fireside in the Tabernacle, which is our responsibility now. The speaker was Glen Rawson, he does History of the Saints, on TV. There was a full house of 850 people. Great inspiring program as he told stories all night. Then yesterday we put another bid in on another home here in St. George. We think we need a little bit bigger home so our  family doesn't forget us.

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