Thursday, March 27, 2014

Made in Japan

Today we worked at Brigham Youngs' house. There were so many people from Idaho. They are having Spring Break in Idaho, there isn"t any Spring there so they have come here where there is plenty of Spring.  A great thing happened there today. A group of 21 students from Japan came for a tour. They came with their a travel assistant a man about 30 years old. Darolyne went and talked to him because he spoke English. He said they were from Osaka. That is very close to Himidji where Daryk was just transferred. Darolyne got this young mans name and address  and phone number and email address. She told him about our grandson serving an LDS mission in Japan and asked him if he could visit him when he got back to Japan. Now go figure here are 21 Japanese high school students visiting St. George on a 2 week to stay with Dixie High School students and host families for 11 days.  Now where in St. George today would the Lord find a connection to Japan and a missionary in the same area that they  live. Coincidence or Miracle.  Tender Mercy for sure. The Lord is hastening his work I testify.  We found out today that we need to speak in Church again to a Sr, Ward. Also an older lady and man, grandma and grandpa came to Brighams with there two daughters and 10 grand children. The Lady at the end asked what my Childs genealogy was I told her and I found out that my Great great grandfather William Childs, who lived in Nauvoo and came across the plains and was sent to settle Gunnison. Guess what? That was here Great grandfather. We all had a great big family hug, kind of.

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