Wednesday, March 26, 2014


In the last two days I gave 7 Book of Mormons while at the Temple Visitor Center. The first was to a lady from Alabama who said she knew some Mormons in Alabama and in fact there is the "State Temple of Alabama" in her city. I explained that we don't have State Temples and then got to teach her about Temples. Then a girl from Boise, Idaho wanted one of those Mormon Bibles. Then a Father, Mother, Daughter and Son in law from Shanghai, China came in to the Annex. They spoke a little English. They left with 4 Books written in mandarin chinese. Then a couple from Lima Peru came in she was from England and he was from Australia; they met in Peru and were here on business. She was super interested in the Church and wanted all the literature she could get her hands on. Also yesterday 4 of our sister missionaries were in a car wreck. An old feller went throug a stop sign and smashed the back end of their car. They were sort of ok, 2 of them went to the hospital. Last night one of them Sister Duvall from Toronto was teaching two of her and Sister Busteeds' investigators and invited me in for a minute long enough to hear one of the mens' first prayer. This was a great experience. These Sister missionaries are amazing. We got a letter from Daryk today. He was transferred to a city of 500,000 and was made a District Leader. This is a big deal. He is 18 years old and only been out about 4 months. He is an incredible young man. His Japanese must be pretty good. It was a warm day today 82 degrees. Darolyne had a little miracle yesterday with a young man who spoke Ukranian and a young man who was being taught in the Center by Sister Pahguay and he was from the Ukrane.

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