Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday at Brighams' Darolyne had a great experience with a couple from California, a Latino couple who were going to Mt. Rushmore and hadn't planned to stop kin St. George but went to the Tabernacle and them to Brighams. They got a Book of Mormon at the Tabernacle then Darolyne taught them about  geneology then they went to Jacobs where Elder Collins taught them more a bout the gospel....When they left they wanted to know more about the gospel because they were touched by the spirit. Elder Collins got a referral and is in touch with the missionaries in California to follow up. Teamwork... I gave two Books to to two environmental scientists from Ohio that are working at Zions'
park. Then today Darolyne gave a Book to a lady from California. On our P day I had to give the lesson to the Sr. Missionaries, I felt good about it. Fore!!!! then I went golfing with my grandson Brody who is staying a couple of days before going to another basketball tourney in Las Vegas. We golfed 9 holes at Southgate. I shot a one under 34, which I do not do too often. But I have my new eyes going for me. Brody shot one over 36.  I got him by 2 strokes I haven't beat him for a long time.

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