Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Do People Join This Church? Because It Is True

At Brighams' house I gave out two Book of Mormons one to a young couple from New York. The other to an older couple from California. Yesterday had the typical p day. Mowed the lawn took Darolyne to the hospital for an MRI on her  back then went to  Hurricane to get our drivers license change to our St.George address. Then went to ChuckA Rama for lunch then home for a nap. Then we went shopping for outdoor pillows. We also got a delivery of a chest of drawers for our bedroom. Now all we need are drapes. I called Hailee Skye yesterday also and had a long good chat. It was good to hear from her again. She told me the following story. She is interning at the big hospital in Murray. She was there Sunday and they let those who could have a short Sacrament Meeting. During the Sacrament, there were only 8 people there, all 8 got very spiritual and weepy. Hailee really started to tear up and did not know why. Later she learned that the Prophet was in the next room from her. Then she learned wherever the Prophet is there is a concourse of angels. She knew that for sure. She did not know if her was there visiting someone or was there because of health reasons. This experience strengthened her Testimony. Why can't we see that the Lord wouldn't let his people be alone without the inspiration and revelations of Prophets on earth today.

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