Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dr. James Person

Today I went to the Tabernacle. Right away I gave a Book of Mormon to a lady from Pennsylvania and a lady from North Carolina.  Then one those once in a while souls comes in and you have a chance to meet him. His name is Dr. James Person a 73 year old retired educator teacher counselor and college professor from LA via Buffalo New York. He grew up a Baptist and attended the pageant at Hill Cummorah many times. He has read the Book of Mormon and some day he may join but for now he is just a Christian with a lot of tolerance for all religions. We talked about the Blacks and the Priesthood in which he understands that that has been taken care of. The quote I got from him was "I don' t meet strangers I meet people" I love that. And he was extremely friendly he was just traveling the National Parks. Last night he met a stranger at the Motel and looked for him a Book of Mormon but couldn't find one at the Motel so he asked for one and he was going to go back and give him a book. Angels you will meet and know it not ! I just met one. Jamie, Mindi Carson and Brody came down then went to Vegas to Brodies bb tournament. His AAU team played teams from Texas California Vegas and Portland and won all the games and took home the trophy. It was great to see them we don't see them as often as the other family members. Donna wanted to see some photos from our new home so I will submit some all though they don't tell the story.

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