Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Tabernacle Greets the World

The Tabernacle in St.George is very historic. All the modern day Prophets save Joseph Smith has spoken there. Brigham Young 26 times. To me it is very sacred place in the history of the restoration. Today there, I was able to give a Book of Mormon to a Brazillian lady from Henderson, Nevada. She was very receptive of the message of the restored gospel. She said many years ago in Brazil she was visited by two young mormon missionaries and really liked what they had to say but had not thought about it until today I challenged her to read the Book. Scary what could happen to this world if people would just read the book.. I then met 3 people one boy and two girls here in St. George from mainland China. They were thinking of coming here and playing golf at Dixie State University. They left with two Books of Mormon, one in mandarin Chinese and one in English. Interesting what is happening with the Church and China.

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