Friday, July 11, 2014

Miles Romney Great Grandfather of Mitt Romney

Miles Romney was an early pioneer in St. George. He was the superintendent of building the Tabernacle. He made the perfectly balanced spiral staircases in the Tabernacle. He was the Great great grandfather of Mitt Romney. We tell everyone that comes into the Tabernacle that as they come in to the Tabernacle. Yesterday Darolyne and I were serving at the Tabernacle when who should walk in the front doors,,,,Mitt and Ann Romney and 5 grandkids. They didn't want a tour but they wanted to show their grandkids the staircase that their great great grandfather had made. Darolyne met him at the door and talked to them I was on a tour. They stayed for quite awhile and seemed to enjoy the Tabernacle. I got to say a few words to him and Ann and shake his hand. I hurried and got a quick photo because maybe you wouldn't believe me. That is him in the Red Shorts. I told him I didn't know about his politics but I really liked his red shorts. He told me they were his swim trunks. Today at Brighams' house I took a family from France on a tour. at the end they took a Book of Mormon A geneology form and a copy of the Family. New missionaries came today and we were their first trainers. They are the Borcherts from Mesa, Arizona.

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