Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiny Miracles

I talked to my sister Carolyn  the other day. Her husband, Winston, and her are now on their mission in Salt Lake City at the Family History Center. Winston is a retired Attorney owning his own firm in Idaho Falls. He was thinking of going on a mission overseas even Africa. I think they were a little disappointed when they got their call. They were only in Salt Lake City for a week when he was learning to do family history. After searching his line on an obscure site he found that he had a brother that had died when he was only a couple days old. His parents had never told the family about it. Do you think that is one reason he went to Salt Lake City? These missions bring the miracles and we are just observers of the work that the angels on the other side are busy helping us. Today at the visitor center we had about 12 people come in from Slovenia Before it was all through with all their tours with the sister missionaries they left with over 10 Book of Mormons in Slovenian. They also wanted the missionaries in their country to visit them. The Lord is truly hastening his work.

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