Saturday, August 16, 2014

Days like this Just Happen,or The True Church is on The Earth

Beautiful day at the Tabernacle. First of all I gave a tour to a Grandmother from Gilbert, Arizona and her two grand kids that live here in St. George. When I showed them the All Seeing Eye of God. I told them that it represents the Father in Heaven is always watching out for us, he wants us to be happy. This one boy a little blonde with great big horned rim glasses about 8 years old just look up to me and said my Father in Heaven loves me in a way that melted my heart...from the mouths of babes.. He was simply feeling what some of us old folks forgot to feel. To be submissive, meek like a little child. That is what our Savior asked of us. That moment brought the spirit in and my eyes started to water. Then a little later my last group of the day 8 members and this one gentleman about 50 years old who was not a member but just moved here and is getting a home. I didn't mean to focus on him but I could tell that I was telling things I usually don't tell the members. After the tour this man asked for everything Book of Mormon, Testimony of Joseph Smith, The Living Christ, Geneology primer, pamphlet on Temples, etc. Then he asked me where he could go to our Church tomorrow. I let him know and then off he went. Don't get those everyday. Then the Cranneys' came in, our neighbors Bill and Connie. They moved away years ago and have been on 4 missions since we have seen them. Two of them were in Africa one in Nigeria. They don't let American missionaries in Nigeria anymore. They just bought a second home down here in St. George.

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