Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Good the Bad and the Wonderful

Yesterday at Brighams' house Darolyne taught two ladies from Las Vegas they were very receptive to the things being taught and left with a Book of Mormon and a commitment to read it. Then last night the heavens finally opened here in the desert and it rained buckets with thunder and lightning. There was quite a bit of flooding around town, we were spared. They say it rained an inch and a half in just a couple of hours. Then today Darolyne woke up with vertigo. She did go to work and threw up twice, so I took her home and went back to the Visitor Center for the rest of our shift. She took an anti dizzy pill and has rested all day. I gave her a blessing and pray she gets better. Tomorrow is our prep day and I hope we don't spend it at home. We have less than 6 weeks to go on our mission. Tonight Collette brought Darolyne some cookies and then the Clarks' brought over home made pie. So we are sure blessed with great friends. Jim and Collette also gave us two dinners at Chuck a Rama....Yum When we bought this home the people before us were rock hounds. They had petrified wood all over the yard, which is a quarter of and acre. They are legal pieces they got with permits up at the Hurricane fault. Anyway all this time I have been trying to organize them. Also I have added 7 plants consisting of 3 trees and four bushes which are all desert flowering. This is a very lovely home we are truly blessed in our old age to have such a nice place. Soon though we will go home and have to work hard to get our Orem home back in shape. I do appreciate KC for helping to keep it up.

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