Friday, August 8, 2014

Party Mission Style

We had our August Party to say good bye to the Youngs who are now through with their mission. So sad. Our party was at the Pelican Hills clubhouse. It was a Sixties party. My job was to bring the music. I downloaded the Stroll. We all did the stroll, hula hoops bubble gum blowing contest etc. great fun. Pictures are from the party. I have one picture of the Tree of Life. It sits outside the Visitor Center where I  work when I am there. It is a Chinese Pistachio but to me it looks like the tree of life that is told about in the Book of Mormon.Also today our friends from Orem the Andrus' stopped by on there way back from California. Deena Millecam came over to see Darolyne she is an old friend from Vernal. Darolnes' Patriarchal Blessing told her that wherever she went she would have many friends, something like that. It has been true she makes friends wherever she has been. People love to be around her and she doesn't care what station in life they are or what origin she goes out of her way to make friends.

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