Monday, August 25, 2014


Today Darolyne and I was at the Tabernacle. It was a slow day then people started to come. at the end of the day I had three non member tours. Each tour I was able to teach about the Book of Mormon and our Church and place a Book of Mormon in each case. The first case was a mother and daughter, 60 and 30   years of age from California. They were very receptive and took a Book of Mormon. Then a man from Texas who just thought he would fly to St. George and see Zions Canyon came in because he had time and was interested to see the Tabernacle. He spent a lot of time there and wanted to know all about our Church, he left with the Book and all the other literature that we had. He could be Golden. Then 3 people from the Netherlands came and spoke some English. They were also interested in the Church and our beliefs. I introduced them to the Book of Mormon and they wanted one in German. This was a good day. Darolyne and I have so many experiences with people it just doesn't seem like it is real. We have met and taught thousands of people each while we have been on this mission. Un real and many of them have been Golden. Tonight we did our month end dinner with the Sr. Missionaries, it was Kaonas' turn to choose a place to eat. So we went to the Honolulu Grill. All Hawaiin food. Yum

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