Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missionary Life 101

Yesterday at the Visitors Center we spent 6 hours teaching those who came in and wanted to learn. A girl from Nagono, Japan came in she was here on an exchange student basis for a couple of weeks. She was about17 years old. I think Nagono is in Daryks' mission. We talked about our Church, she was not a Bh
uddist or a Christian. But she was interested. I gave her a Book of Mormon in Japanese.She said she would read sit.  Then after our shift we went home to bed. Got up a 6 a.m. and went to a Transfer Meeting where the Sisters are moved to different parts of  the mission. Only a few get transferred. This happens every 6 weeks. Some are transferred home like today Sister Duval will be going home to Toronto. She has been an outstanding missionary. Next Transfer meeting guess who goes home....Me. Then we went and served at Brighams' home.It rained an inch today. There was flooding over in Washington. Probably the best rainstorm I have seen since I have been here. Remember though we are in a drought in St. George. Then we went out eat at  In and Out Burger then went home and read scriptures watched Americas Got Talent then I blogged and will go to bed. We have read the Book of Mormon twice since we have been on our Mission also the Doctrine and Covenants once. We are reading the Book of Mormon together now for the third time.

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