Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Beginning of the End

You know none of us know the day that we will leave this earth but we will. But I know the end day of my Mission. It will be in 2 Months from today. I am sad that I can see that it will end. This has been a tough and hard time in my life. Though not too far from my home in Orem I might as well be in China because my life has centered around a radius of about 15 miles here in St. George and my time has been about 80 percent missionary work..However as they say this has been the best time of my life. I have been reintroduced in a very spiritual way to my Savior in whom I am in the service of. I have met thousands of people from all over the earth and so many of them whether a member of the Church or not are searching for what once they know to be true. I have been in the presence of angels, I have felt the spirit of  the Holy Ghost as I have served others. I have fallen deeply in love with my wife, whom I am sealed for all time and eternity with. We are truly companions in the Lord. I have met the great spiritual saints of the earth in my fellow missionaries. I know I will cherish my friendship with them for all my life......The last couple of days I have served at Brighams' and the Tabernacle I was able to give 2 Books of Mormon to a middle aged couple from London, England. That was an exciting moment for me. I met today a man from Edmonton, a family from Calgary and a family from Mexican Hat, Alberta.. This all one after another. I love Canada, it is my second home. I miss going up there to visit Darolynes' family and seeing that beautiful land. I haven't been there for 3 summers. Many great memories there. I didn't mean to steal Darolyne away from there but it  happened. We love St. George it has a different beauty all of its' own. We have a home here and invite all to come and visit us. I miss my family I love them dearly each one of them give me such pride and I love to be around all of them. I miss my home in Orem I can't even think what it was like. I know I didn't like the winters though. Well I will quit rambling. God lives, He is my Father, like Sister Arwitti said God is a Mormon. Mark it, it is true.

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