Saturday, April 20, 2013


We are now in St. George. Our first day we met with Elder and Sister Watkins from San Diego, they are our mission leaders. We were given an intro and our schedule. The first 8 days we will be with our trainers. They are Elder and Sister Narramore of Evanston, Wyoming and Elder and Sister Cannon of Salt Lake City, Utah. Friday afternoon we were at the Temple Visitor Center from 3pm to 9pm.. I with my trainer met about 160 visitors. Several were non members. There were two couples one from Tennessee and the other from LA they were quite interested in what goes on at the temple. I was able to talked to them about temple marriage aided by a wedding party on the grounds going on at the same time. Elder Narramore helped out. We had 3 folks from Peru come through they were  looking for where Lorenzo Snow gave his tithing speech. Might I interject that missionary work is WORK. Today we went to the St,George tabernacle. We only gave one tour. It was a couple from Springville, Utah he was a descendent  of Lorenzo Snow. Then at noon a Sister Terry gave a organ recital to about 40 people..Tomorrow we go to Jacob Hamblin home. One story our mission leader told us was about 2 weeks ago Glen Beck came to the sites. He showed Elder Watkins a gold pocket watch he had. He turned it over and revealed the initials JSJ. It was Joseph Smiths watch that he gave up to his jailers to get out of jail. Glen got it from a man who said he could get it from him if he would show it to people and tell Josephs story.

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