Friday, April 12, 2013

End of the week at the MTC

This ended a real spiritual week at the MTC I learned so much that I can use on my mission. The biggest thing I learned is to teach by the spirit. To do this I need to humble myself and be obedient.If I do this I know the Lord will guide and direct my thoughts and actions. I had the opportunity along with my companion to teach to investigators who were in the role. I met most often with  my District. Brother and Sister Eastman from Arkansas going to Martin Willley Center in Wyoming. Elder and sister Billie from Josep

h,Arizona going to Fresno, California, and Elder and Sister Nuttall from Cheyene, Wyoming going to Nauvoo, Illinois. Thise are wonderful Saints and we really learned in one week to really love them. We also worked with the Chyneouffs from St. George going to Nauvoo. Every person we met had a great story. The best though was the Nuttalls who sold there house  and every thing they had to go to Nauvoo. They had very little money eleven children and had only one set of clothes yet they were the happiest.

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