Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here We Go Again

Yesterday we went for a walk, Darolyne went and saw Pat Morris  at the Hospital. She is doing ok but not as good as she thought she would. Then off we went to Jacob Hamblins home. Met some interesting people the most memorable was a gentleman from Alaska who looked like Grizzly Adams in his coveralls.He was not going to come into the house but I went out and met him and asked if he would like to visit an old Pioneer Home. He said OK. He was at our site because he was birding. Now that is something I know about because of KC. He came to St.George because of the different species of birds and specific around Jacobs' home. He was doing The BigYear where birders see how many species of birds they can count in one year. He said so far he was up to 146 species. Well we taught him who the "Mormons" were gave him a book of Mormon and challenged him to read third Nephi chapter 11. Off he went and I found a new friend. All of Darolynes' visitors were LDS from here California and Arizona.  Then we went over to the Temple Visitor Center, there I met a Mr. Richard Richards who was a grandson of Stephen L. Richards who was in the first presidency when David O McKay was the Prophet. This morning we went to Sacrament Meeting and Kathy Dietrich was there she told us that she was getting a hip replacement. Her and Rudi still plan on going on a mission to Nauvoo in October. Then we went to the hospital to see how Pat is doing. Now we are headed out to Jacobs house again. Oh last night I was asked to help a gentleman give a blessing to a young boy who was going to get baptized. He was 9 years old.

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