Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Week

The last two days were filled with very good or what I would call spiritual experiences. At Brigham Youngs' house I had a couple from Vancouver Washington come for a tour. When greeting them the lady told me that a year ago her son was killed in Afghanistan. For a year she has hardly been out of her house being very depressed. They spent the winter in Arizona and were heading back to Washington. She was very solemn, she knew she would see her boy again. Elder Cannon and I taught them about our beliefs of the plan of  salvation. They were very interested  and wanted to know more and took a Book of Mormon. When they left she looked at us and said We will meet again. Meaning in the spirit world. We also met with an older couple from Rochester NewYork. They lived only 30 miles from Palmyra and never heard the Joseph Smith story. So we told them about it. The next day April 25th  we were working the temple visitor center  when 4 people from Amsterdam came in. They could speak English. They were touring the National Parks. They were interested in what the temple was all about. They were Christians but did not go to church. Elder Cannon led out and gave and excellent intro to our church and the Book of Mormon. They were not only willing but excited about receiving copies of the Book of Mormon. We gave them 2 books written in the Dutch language. Oh yesterday we got up at 5 am and went to the temple to do sealings. One of the Sealers was Wayne Shute a professor at BYU of mine when I was getting my Doctorate.
Darolyne had a great experience at Brigham Youngs' House. She met with a  couple from Chicago. They have been to the Tabernacle they were very impressed and had taken a Book of Mormon. They were going to all of the sites. They were Catholics but were disallusioned in the way their church was going. They were so excited to find another religion that had answers to questions they did not have answered before. They were great fans of Mitt Romney.

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