Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hey!!!! Amigo!!!

Yesterday Darolyne and I stopped at McDonalds for our lunch walking up to the store I saw this tattered old Indian man and heard  his voice, "Hey Amigo" I didn't think he was talking to me but when he said it again I went over to him, now this is because I wear the badge Elder Childs Church of Jesus Christ on it, he knowing I was a missionary then asked when I was going to the temple  I told him maybe in a week, Why, he said he had a sick friend Sarah who he wanted her name put in the temple, I told him I would get in touch with the temple today and get her name on the prayer roll. My wife then called the name in. Such faith this man had for his friend, reminds me of the Savior when someone in the crowd just grabbed his hem and was healed because lof his faith. Today in the Temple visitor center I had an opportunity along with Elder Drolet of British Columbia to give a women a blessing. This woman was from Ogden and was in St. George on a shopping trip when she felt something wrong in her abdomen because she was 13 weeks pregnant, being out of town she stopped in to see a doctor and then came over to the Center for a priesthood blessing. It was a great blessing again to a woman who had a lot of faith in our Savior to heal her by seeking Priesthood holders in a strange town. Two days ago I was at Brigham Youngs house wen two business men from Florida camein. They were interested in our Church so I was able to give them a Book of Mormon. Today at the Visitor Center 4 people came in from China and wanted to learn more about Religion, Sister Barber from Ireland started to teach them and I observed a true messenger from god in action she took a long time with them and they left with Books of Mormon in There native tongue of Chinese. Why can't the world see this marvelous work the Book of Mormon and read it. They all say we don't need another book, OK then just read it and Pray about it.

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