Saturday, August 10, 2013


You know this Mission is very hard and time consuming but yields its spiritual rewards. So after everyday we thankfully meet our BFFB, Best Friend Forever Bed. This week was filled with many events. Tuesday was transfer day and we saw some of our best missionaries go home. The Thompsons Sister Dahle, Sister Ulig, Sister Kim and Sister Barber,, these were some of the very best missionaries. Sister Ulig was from Germany and Sister Barber from Ireland. The Thompsons are from Texas. Then there was the Hi Bye party catered by DUBs with two games The Cowpie toss and the milking contest. On Thursday our new Recliner arrived from RC Willey.Of course Darolyne gets to use it. But I get the old recliner that was solely Darolynes we both win on the that deal BFFR or Best Friend Forever Recliners. Joey and family came today on their way to California. We went over as they saw their new home. It is a great place with its own swimming pool. We took their family out to eat. Oh and probably the greatest event of the week was Daryk going in the MTC on Wednesday.He has emailed and is getting used to the grind and loving it. The MTC is such a spiritual place. Along with that last Sunday night someone broke into our car and stole our keys to our mailbox. On the spiritual side we have been really busy;  the sites have been swamped. Today at Jacobs house Darolyne was able to give away a Book of Mormon to a couple from California. We also bought an old chest type freezer which will help us with our frozen food space. Just for instance of how busy it has been today at Jacobs today we taught about a total of 75 people. One of those was Rich Astle family from Bountiful he was the :Principal of Bountiful High School when I was in the District Office.

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