Thursday, August 15, 2013

Down But Not Out

What a week so far. Darolyne came down with the flu that inflamed her back problem. So she went to the pain specialist to get a Cortizone shot. First though she had to get a blood test for a bladder infection. Then I came down with the stomach flu and threw up. This happened after I just left our shift at the Tabernacle. Now we are ready to go to Jacobs house and I am still really  weak. When Darolyne was sick at Jacobs she would lay in the antique bed because she was in so much pain. On the preaching side I was able to give away a Book of Mormon to three people from Switzerland the Book was in German. Then I was able to give a book to a couple from Las Vegas in Spanish. Darolyne worked with a couple from Colorado for about an hour and a half who were interested in our Church the man was a Lutheren and had a lot of questions for her. He left with a Book of Mormon and a lot of our materials about our faith. Joey is moving into his new house today, Darolyne is tending the kids and I am home resting. Jamie came down with this flu and also Luke.

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