Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Wonderful Day

Today we served in the Tabernacle. I met first with a couple and their young daughter from Germany by way of the Ukraine. They spoke broken English So I taught them a little about our Religion which they knew nothing. I sent them to the Visitor Center where there are German speaking sisters. I told the woman that she could get a Book of Mormon in Ukraine. I pray they made it to the visitor center. Then I worked with 4 single adults from Las Vegas. From them I got 6 referrals for the Sisters to make contact. Then a family from Germany came in for a tour, there was the husband wife and 2 teenage boys. I took them on tour and was able to place a Book of Mormon and other literature with them written in their language of German. Darolyne worked with some non members from Indiana and taught them the Gospel, they said they already had a Book of Mormon, they were interested in our Religion. All in all it was a great day a wonderful day. It rained today and yesterday and the temperature was in the 80s a very nice reprieve.

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