Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Good Day

Yesterday we had a great day at Brigham Youngs house. Darolyne was able to place a Book of Mormon with a couple from Oregon. I gave a Book of Mormon to a couple from north Carolina, also I got two referals, one from Australia and another from North Carolina. Today we had a P day and had our car serviced and our tires rotated and balanced. Darolynes back is a little better today so that is a great thing. Lou and Lorelie Andrus came into town and bought us lunch at Cafe Rio...yum. Them tonight the Cannons came over to  inspect our  clubhouse. We will be having our next party in our clubhouse. Last night the power went off here in Green Valley at 3 am. It worried me because if it did not come back on then the heat would go up and up.

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