Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blessing of Comfort

We were at the Visitor Center today in the afternoon and evening. it has been slow because everyone is back in school and the vacationers have slowed down. I visited with a couple from Copenhagen and then it slowed right down until 2 minutes before locking the building up, which is my responsibility. As I was locking the door to the Annex I opened it up and a young woman was quite distraught and weep;ing. i talked to her for a moment and she asked for a blessing. She said she and her family had just been evicted from their apartment and she did not know what was going to happen. She said they did not have a job and needed to get every thing out of their house tonight and she could stay with her sister tonight but they are now homeless. This lady I would say was in her thirties and was a polynesian lady. She was very humble and faithful. I found a security person from the Temple to help me give her a blessing. I gave her the blessing and felt the spirit very strongly and gave her a blessing of peace and that things would be alright. There were tears shed.

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