Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Erastus Saves the Day

Quite the day at the Tabernacle. This is the last week for St.George Live where a bus takes a group of people to the sites and historic characters talk to them. At the Tabernacle it is always Erastus Snow that talks to them. This actor was very good a former Visitor Center missionary from 10 years ago. We had a bus show up and he came back to do his bit on his own in the afternoon. I had a visit from Frances Merrells granddaughter. Frances was my secretary when I was Principal at Naples Elementary. What a fun thing to catch up with her. She lives up north and is in her 80s. I had a couple visit from England, he was Jewish but not practicing. I told him I had Jewish blood in me also. She had no religion and was quite interested in our Church. He was interested in Geneology and I  gave him some material to get ahold of our church geneology department and Ancestor.com. I had a great discussion of where did we come from why are we here and where are we going. Darolyne had a couple from New Jersey and the man was a Luthern Minister. She held her own and actually was able to teach him about the Book of Mormon. Darolyne is becoming quite the missionary. Yesterday was our 47th anniversary. We went to the Mall after we did an afternoon at Jacobs. Also last night it rained . The news said it was the most it has rained for a year and it only rained a half of an inch.

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