Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just So I Won''t Forget

Last night I encountered two couples of non members, one from Rancho Mirage. California and another from another  from Minnesota. Both were interested in knowing more about our Church and the Temple. After lengthy  discussions they wanted the materials we had including the Book of Mormon. I worked alongside Elder Cannon, who is my favorite missionary down here. He speaks German and we had several Germans come through the back door to the Annex. He was able to give three Books of Mormon to them in German. Also my friends the Peterson came in from Provo and wanted two Books of Mormon in French to give away.  The words of Ezra Taft Benson comes to mind when he challenged church members to flood the world with the Book of Mormon. We really see that on our Mission where we give so many books to people from all over the world. Also yesterday on our shift we had 3 busses of French people tour and they had 2  others in the morning. The Sister Missionaries work with them and give out quite a few Books of Mormon

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