Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Miracle at 5th South

Yesterday at the Visitors center was a very spiritual moment. It was slow most of the night then a half hour before closing I got a call from Darolyne that there was a woman who needed a blessing. I went over to the Main Building and met with a young lady  with her 9 year old daughter. She was a pretty sad person. As I talked to her she told of her getting a divorce and was fearful of losing her daughter. She wanted hope in something. I gave her a blessing of peace and faith in a bright future, I could feel  the spirit of the Holy Ghost. It was like when a woman touched the hem of the robe of the Savior and was healed because of her faith. This lady had enough faith to come into the Center for a blessing. There were a lot of tears and she left with more faith in the future. I went back to the Annex and 2 minutes before closing I sensed some people out by the temple, because it was dark and I could not see I stepped outside and asked if I could take their picture.. I did and found out that they were from Mexico and there were 4 families. I asked them if they were members of our Church, they were not I told them that there history is written in the Book of Mormon and I gave them 4 copies of the Book in Spanish. Darolyne gave two Books out at the Tabernacle today One to a couple from Ohio and anothe to a couple from Colorado.
The first photo is of the annex with the canon that helped build the foundation of the Temple the second is of Sister Losky of Gettysburg Pa. she is headed to Richfield for awhile. She is one of all time favorites such a great personality. Then this the outside of the temple visitor center annex where the Elders spend their time while at the visitor center.

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