Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miracle on !st North

I can't believe how the Lord blesses his missionaries. Today at  Brigham Youngs house in 4 hours we gave away or better we taught the honest in heart and they requested  a total of  8 Book of Mormons. It started with Darolyne teaching a couple from Carmel Indiana they became very interested in the restored gospel Darolyne offered them to take and read the Book of Mormon. They were thrilled to do so. The husband offered Darolyne a crisp 100 dollar bill for the book, of course she wouldn't take it. then I had a group of three couples two from Wisconsin and one from Oklahoma. They were here on a bike ride through the parks. At the end of their visit I taught them about the Book of Mormon and they became very interested and each couple wanted a book along with all the other literature that we give out. Sister Donaldson gave out two books on her tours then Darolyne gave out two more one to a couple that was very interested from Henderson Nevada. Yesterday we had a p day and went to Kolob Reservoir with Elder and Sister Collins. This was a great trip because most of the road goes in through Zions Park and gets above it so you have views into the park.

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