Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Great couple of days, Joey and Jamie and kids came down and we had a good time with them. Yesterday at the Visitor Center a lot happened.A lot of people came in. First a couple from France came in and I got Sisters Brenna  and Sordes to teach them because they only spoke French; they spent and hour and a half with them and they left with a Book of Mormon in French. Then Joel Gardner from Orem came in with 30 of his family, then Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to a young man from New Jersey who is in the Army and a man from Massechusetts. These two individuals were very interested in our Church. Then a man came in and Darolyne helped him he said he was in Prison for 5 years and read the Book of Mormon 7 times, he was recently diagnose with Cancer and wants to be baptized Sister Duval took him through the plan of happiness about the family. he left with tears in his eyes and said he was going to go call his daughter who he had not talked to in 12 years. A young family came in they were from Orem He just got his Doctorate in Hebrew from the University of Texas and is a Religion Professor at BYU. He was at Orem High when I was his Principal. It is interesting this call here in St, George, it seems almost every day we meet someone we connect with from the past.

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