Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visit to Pine Valley Chapel

At Brigham Youngs house yesterday we started tours at 10 and never stopped until 3 o'clock.  I was able to give three Book of Mormons one to a girl from Slovokia the book was in Russian, another one to a girl from Thailand and one to a man from South Dakota. Had a really good day there were also  great members that came to learn more about Brigham. I hope some day when I come in contact with Brigham that I will feel like I did a good job. At night John Hamblin the great
great grandsom of Jacob Hamblin gave a talk about his grandfather Jacob  Hamblin. Today we had our first Sunday off so we asked the Shumways to go to church at the famous Pine Valley chapel which is 35 miles north of St. George. It was so green up there in the pines. This is a picture of Sister Chinen born in Japan and raised in Sacramento she wanted a picture of Darolyne and I when we were Young so i gave her some prints of us she is a great missionary and friend but is being transferred to Enterprise this transfer. The other picture is a Brother and Sister Flake from Snowflake Arizona. The Rodeo is in town and he is the announcer. He announces Rodeos all over the States, His great great grandfather founded Snowflake.

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