Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday was a great P Day finally we were able to go to Yard Sales. Coral Canyon had their annual sale. We must of went to 20 different homes. We were able to get a few picturer to hang and a table to put by Darolynes chair so she can set her food on it. That is the condition of being away for so long because we are set in our ways because Darolyne has her own chair and I have my own chair. It is funny when someone comes over and sits in her chair, I can see the blood a boiling....kind of. Friday night was the first Lecture of the year, we had a Faruk fellow who is an Iranian who joined the church and now lives in St.George. It was interesting to note that the Moslems do not like to be Christians because of how they believe God is. They like the LDS because our concept of God, that he is our literal Father,,, God the Father is our Father, Jesus Christ is his son and so am I his son, Jesus is my Savior. Today at the Tabernacle we had a few visitors I had a couple from California who were interested only about our history not our  Doctrine, then another couple from Venice California came in they were Hispanics and were interested in our Doctrine I gave them a Book of Mormon and asked where they thought the word Mormon came from, they did not know and I told them the story of Book of Mormon and how their heritage would go back to the Book of Mormon. Back to Faruk, He kept saying over and over again,, I Love the Book of Mormon..If people would read it they would know it is true.

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