Monday, September 23, 2013

KC Visits

The last few days we have had a P day with the Collins where we went to Kolob Reservoir through Zions Park. It was a great day. KC came down for the weekend. He is experiencing pain and anxiety so I was able to give him a Priesthood Blessing it was a moving experience and tears were shed. I am so grateful for the priesthood in our lives. Yesterday was a good day at Brighams' we gave out two Books of Mormon one to a couple from California and another to a couple from the eastern states. When I was telling the story of Joseph Smith to the couple from California you could tell the spirit was bearing witness of the truth. Janice Kapp Perry gave the Friday night fireside. She was fantastic. I am adding a lot of pictures. Some of J
acobs because this week is Swiss Days at Santa Clara. and all the homes in town put out cut out cows painted different.

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