Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Good Day at the Winter Home

Today at Brighams' house we had several good experiences. I had 4 good souls who had left the Church. They were generally from Orem and were 3 years behind me in school. They were joined by a young man from St. George. Not sure but I think they were all tipping on the suds just a little. I was bold in reintroducing them to a gospel that they had long left. It was a fun and very productive meeting. Then I met a couple, young couple from Switzerland. They had no religion. The Europeans really do not believe in God any more. They have been brought up that way.. A short trip through Brighams' home and a talk on the Book of Mormon and they readily accepted the Book of Mormon in German. Then I had a couple from Palmdale, California come through and at the end the lady wanted a Book of Mormon and any other material we had. Darolyne had a lady come in that is a member but is going through a divorce and is struggling Darolyne was able to talk to her and console her. The lady had not a Book of Mormon and wanted to start reading it. She apparently had never read it though being a member. I suppose there are so many people in our Church that do not know much about the restored gospel. So sad. Then at the Tabernacle last night we had Robert Millet speak. He was our neighbor in Orem. HE has written so many Church books and is one of the most sought after speakers in our Church . He spoke on deep conversion.

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