Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Today was a good day at the Visitor Center. Darolyne gave one of tour Bus Drivers a Book of Mormon in Polish. I gave a Book of Mormon to a couple from Texas they were very interested in ourChurch because they have done a lot of genealogy and knew our Church really emphasized genealogy but did't know why. I then gave a Book of Mormon to a Catholic couple from Chicago. They were very interested in the Church and asked many questions. A lot of the questions dealt with some of the mysteries. I didn't answer those only to touch on some of our basic beliefs. I felt like the man was trying to trip me up. It brought back memories when I defended my dissertation when I was getting my doctorate. Then I thought of that old program 64000$ Question where you could take an expert in the booth with you. Then I thought The Holy Ghost is in the booth with me and will bear testimony of all truth, for that is what he does. Anyway I also gave the testimony of Joseph Smith to this couple and gave them my card with my email address and asked him to email me with any other questions. Then this evening because Joey and jamie and the kids are down here we took Joey and Jamie out to dinner at the Anasazi Steak House.

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