Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you

It was Darolynes' birthday so I gave her a card with money,that is unique I hardly ever give her a card. We went out to Breakfast at DeDes and went to Pine Valley and Mountain Meadows. We met the DeWitts there, they are from American Fork and are fantastic missionaries. Then we went to dinner at  Costa Vita then we went shopping for her to get some jewelry but of course she couldn't find anything I  did though of course. It seemed so good to be in Pine Valley because there were pine trees and a mountain valley. We haven't really seen that for so long. In fact it is sprinkling here today, since we have been here for 13 months I bet it has only rained 10 times. We are in a drought even though
we are in a desert. Elder Watkins our fearless leader shared a story with me in our leadership meeting that is worth writing . He and his wife went for a ride in their newly purchased clunker Jeep that they got for 1000$ just to go 4 wheeling the Jeep had 180000 miles on it. They went uop to Kolob Reservoir and decided to take a 40 mile dirt road that they never had been on, it went up over Cedar Mountain down to Kannariville. On this outing at about 29 miles int their trip they got a flat tire. It is getting to be dark. He had never looked if the Jeep had equipment to change a tire. They couldn' get one lug nut off and the jack wouldn't work. Getting darker. They prayed hard because they didn't bring water food or warm clothing.  Then out of nowhere came a truck with a man in it. They haven't seen a person all day. The man helped them with his equipment. Ahh one of the three Nephites, that is what they figured. When the jeep was ready to roll Elder Watkins went over to this mans truck where he was sitting in his truck.Elder Watkins leaned in to say thanks when he noticed a can of Bud Light on the seat. Well probably not one of the Three Nephites, but an Angel for sure that the Lord guided this man to our good leaders car.An answer to pray.

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