Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Vignette

Today we served in the Visitors Center. It was a slow day but I was able to give 3 Books of Mormon. Two of them went to a couple from Columbus, Ohio. They were on their way to Los Angeles.They were an older couple. He had  a friend who was a Mormon and lost his Book, and would like another one. She was quite interested in the Gospel. I was able to teach them quite a bit. Another person was a lady from Guatemala and her 2 children. She was a non member and I told her that the history of the Book of Mormon was her heritage and was able to get her a book in Spanish. The first visitor was a lady from Saskatchewan and had never heard a word about the LDS church. I had a good time trying to explain to her what the temple meant. We had three members from Chile and a slew of others. Joey and his family is coming down tonight so we are excited about that. We are tired but seem to be managing for the time being. Darolyne is one super companion and I love her dearly. President Monsen laid to rest his wife, Frances today, he look like he was very sad, we pray for him.

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