Sunday, May 11, 2014

Miracles Never Cease

If the Lords' Church was on earth you would expect miracles to occur just like it was when he was on earth. I learned of one yesterday. I was at the Visitor Center and met with a man about 40 and his sister near 40 years old. He was a rather stout and comely man in jeans and a t shirt' she was dressed in a nice dress. As I showed them around they told me their most recent story. The lady had just recently been to the temple to receive her endowments. She works at the name extraction center finding ancestral files. He was living in Boise and not a member of our Church and not active in any church. His wife just left him taking their 3 children . He just lost his job. These two haven't seen or heard or each other for 25 years. They were half brother and sister. The sister was working at the extraction center last week and wanted to see if she could find where her brother waslocated. She looked at all the sites and couldn't locate  him. Then she thought to go to a little used site. There she found him with a phone number. She immediately called him.  At the same time he was praying for help;  he was destitute. He had a bus ticket to go to Spokane. He was without rent money so he had to leave his home. Then a phone rang it was his sister  that he hadn't heard from in 25 years. It was a joyful reunion. She invited him to come and stay with her in St. George. Here he was with a new discovered belief that their was a God. He now was wanting to know more about his sisters' religion.His sister brought him to the Visitor Center to learn more about Mormonism. He is going to have our missionaries teach him. The sister told me how it was a miracle. She went back to website where she found his information and his information was no longer on that site. My son Ryan came down to visit. We were going to go golfing but he was too tired so we went to the driving range.

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